Dream Orbs

Dream Orbs

Dream Orbs

Dream Orbs may be passed from friend to friend, can be used to coalesce and motivate dreaming, and make for terrific gift items during the Holidays!


Your focus at this moment is like a spotlight, taking in a broad range of information. This is good for seeing the 'big picture' but limits your focus. As you read this sentence, you can feel that spotlight beginning to tighten and focus it's broad light into a beam of concentrated energy, and your attention becoming ever more present, ever more singular, ever more here and now with one thing you choose to concentrate on. You have become focused.



Something has troubled you, or you are simply feeling apathetic. It's time to blow away the clouds obscuring your inner sun. Your inner sun rests in your chest, ready to shine it's joyous warmth throughout your body. Take a deep breath, collecting all the clouds from your body into your lungs; and now slowly exhale them as you feel the light and wonder of life shine from your chest to the tips of your fingers and toes. You understand there are trials in life, and you are happy to face them.


Slowly materializing behind you in your imagination are two 9 foot tall bodyguards. They are the most honorable and valiant guards on Earth and they exist solely to protect you. Your fears run from these guards like shadows from the sun.









You have suddenly become aware of your incredible talent to retain knowledge. Your mind feels hungry for information and the more you feed it, the more awake and alive you feel. By the time you have fed your mind to its content, you will have also organized and imprinted your brain so perfectly that you will remember this information more clearly than anything you've needed to remember before.



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